Wojciech J. Kalka

Modding a CRF250L in Thailand

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Well motorcycles in Thailand are quite an interesting topic, rules here are very different so is the market., but this another time. In my humble opinion a bike to MUST have in Thailand apart from a scooter is Honda CRF250L .. it is a great bike but you have to modify it a bit to make it awesome. Stock it is not that great. So here is a cheap and again IMHO the best way to make your CRF a dream bike. Be sure to mention your model year when you order parts.

1. Dump the original exhaust.
Get an FMF copy with an ecu mod from Keng Engine in Chiang Mai, it is BETTER than an original FMF with EJK and 1/4 the price. (5500+5500+200baht)


2. Update the Suspension
Find a good mechanic, I know one in Rangsit Klong 4, who changes the front oil to Ohlins 10 and adjusts the forks to your weight. 2500baht \\. The bike feels totally different. https://www.facebook.com/Bannagarage/
(You can spend 20k on a back Ohlins shock which is IMHO a waste of money but if money does not interest you go ahead it sure improves the bike)

3. Get a skidplate, nice tail, new indicators+

from Tikky Wassabi, tail is 1290baht, rest is up to your choice. https://www.facebook.com/tikky.wasabi.1

4. Buy new mirrors from 320sp or Lazada

5. Change the sprocket
and chain from original 14-40 to 13-42 and get a o-ring chain from DND or equivalent around 3500baht.

Now you have a LOT more power and a LOT less weight. Enjoy :)