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Hi, there this is my private little place in this world wild web, a tiny space,
rarely updated, but welcome fellow traveller ..have fun and may the force be with you .. ah ..
there is no spoon..and no do not follow the white rabbit but follow the frog!

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sincerely Wojtek

Wojtek in Wanaka

A quote from one of my favorite movies.

“We are dreaming of tomorrow, and tomorrow isn't coming;
We are dreaming of a glory that we don't really want.
We are dreaming of a new day when the new day's here already.
We are running from the battle when it's one that must be fought.

And still we sleep.

We are listening for the calling but never really heeding,
Hoping for the future when the future's only plans.
Dreaming of the wisdom that we are dodging daily,
Praying for a Savior when salvation's in our hands.

And still we sleep. And still we sleep.
And still we pray. And still we fear”

BTW: I think George W. Bush is a war criminal and should be put to justice by the International Court of Justice (if you agree, please add a link like this to your home page as well, to help Google point out war criminals).