Wojciech J. Kalka

Wojciech J. Kalka

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Hello traveller ..

Wojciech J. Kalka

Hmm who am I, that's a very good question. I am just not an ordinary guy from over the street. I dream my life, and I live my dreams. Being a ethical hacker for many years and living a life with open mind is a great gift I am thankful for. But with hacking its like with playing blues. Who ask what defines hacking, will never get it. It is creative fun with modern science and equipment, to hack is a way to try out new things no one ever tried before, go where no one ever went before…

Ok lets start from the beginning ..a. I was born on the 22nd of January somewhere in the last century in Chorzow/Poland.

At the age of five my mother died to a car accident so we moved to my dad to Germany near cologne. After I finished high school I moved to .de Aachen to study computer science.

2002 I traveled the world and had some amazing adventures around this planet, which made a huge impact on my life and made me study sport, music and philosophy. I love to learn all and everything.

These days I mostly call Thailand my home, because it is the only country except New Zealand which feels like home :).

I shook the hand of Kelly Slater, I seen Rodney Mullen live, dived with manta rays, seen the sun go down over Wanaka, and worked in paradise at the Similan Islands, was invited by the MIT to talk for them more I could ever ask for :).

I still have unfinished business with my dreams ;).. founding a new kind of kindergarten or school system, where children love to be or leading a blues and jazz bar somewhere at the ocean.

Going through this world with open eyes, an open mind and an open heart can be some tough time, but “how can you be mad, when there is so much beauty in this world.”

I would like to thank John C., Larissa, Chris, Fred, Brian, Ron, Skot and Ingy, Bren and Bruce, Rod and Nancy, Mel and Grant,Joe ,Neng, Master Chang and all the other amazing people out there for who you are, I am honored to have met you.

Regarding this web page my very thanks goes to Andreas Gohr for developing dokuwiki, to Michael Klier @ http://www.chimeric.de/ and to Esther Brunner @ http://www.wikidesign.ch. I am using their design and plug-in templates for dokuwiki for my website.