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.. work in progress .. updates soon ..

The Wakeboard Cable Thai Wake Park north of Bangkok is in my humble opinion the best wakeboard cable in the world. I am a mediocre wakeboarder but an avid traveller and I have been to 40+ cables all over the globe so far this cable is by far the best … well because it is an awesome cable, second because it is in Thailand :) .. which is the best place to travel for wakeboarding with minor exceptions. Since I lived there for some time and really love this place here is a newbie guide so you can enjoy this place to the max.. :)

General Info

So all this info is my personal opinion just to let you know in advance…

First of all, stay at least two weeks, this area is soo amazing and I have been all over Thailand, it is close to national parks, waterfalls, ancient ruins, close to Bangkok but still it feels like local Thailand not touristic spoiled Thailand …


Google Maps is your best friend!

My Thai Wake Park Google Map :), suggestions welcome

Quick Tips

1. Get a scooter and learn ride it, explore the area, my soon uploaded map will help you.
2. If you stay longer than a week get a local sim card with an internet flat. (less than 10$ togehter)
2. Plan some recovery days.
3. Wake up early and the cable is yours alone.
4. Plan some island days 2-3

Getting Around

There is a local taxi services, the drivers are friendly and helpful. They surcharge 50bath. In Thailand you also have to pay the highway fees extra. There is a great app in Bangkok called Grabtaxi, I will link it here, also a Bus map. There is a cheap shuttle bus from Thanhyburi to Victory Monument which goes in Daytime for 50 bath.


Book in advance and book early and you get the best rates :), the hotel website is here http://www.ridenlazy.com/. The hotel is very comfy but still pretty basic, yet the owner is improving the place all the time. There is free wifi in the whole area. They are planing to build a proper gym area soon. The best rooms with a view are the superior rooms, the suites are bigger and more modern but the view is not directly to the wakepark but to the rice fields. I recommend the superior room, still for most budget traveller the normal rooms do very fine.

Gear Info

The shop on site is http://www.intensityproshop.com/, they have a great collection but mostly LF, Jobe and Ctrl. Bring replacement parts, since these are rare here in Thailand in general. So better bring replacement laces and screws. Prices of boards/binding equals to the prices in Europe. The best place to buy wakeboard equipment are still by far the states. For brands like Ronix it is not easy to get laces etc here at all ..

There is a great shoe shop in the village north of this place, which will repair your bindings for 5-25$. I even let my new bindings improve there with stitching, a map and some photos follow soon ..


Thai food is among the best in the world, so enjoy it. The restaurant at the cable is good and you have to try the green curry which is very yummy, but there are a lot of other places around this cable to get Thai Street food. I absolutely love street food but also eat at the cable from time to time. I just started to work on a map to show you around.

Shops around

The soon uploaded map will some shops in the area, the closest are 7/11 convenient stores which are great and are open 24/7 there are BigC and Tesco supermarkets around.


The student village 6 miles north of Thai Wake Park is called Thanyaburi. It is opposite the RMUTT university and is a must go if you stay longer than some days in Thai Wake Park, it has markets, great street food, awesome restaurants, clubs with live music, snooker tables and more. The weekly market is every Tuesday, I will point to it on the map. The afternoon market with delicious food is every day from 5-9. On Wednesday and Thursday there is also an RMUTT Walking street market at the university campus.


The closest mall is Future Park at Rangsit. They also have English speaking great cinemas there and movie day for 100bath a movie is on Wednesday.

Rangsit Major Cineplex - http://www.majorcineplex.com/booking2/search_showtime/cinema=12