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Good, Sophisticad and Useful Software

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Every sophisticated computer user needs sophisticated software! So here I keep a small but very fine directory of high quality software, if you ever find something more useful then this stuff email me.

Software you can not live without

btw..I do not like hierarchies so all program are extremly useful

  • Total Commander Ultima Prima - Windows only :( - Wish they had it for Linux or Mac
  • Vim - All Platform - The one and only ;)..there are some exception .. editor ..
  • Eclipse - All Platform - A good IDE to develop code.
  • Mutt - All email clients are really bad, one is less bad.
  • VMWare - I love virtualization.
  • Acronis Backup Solutions - A backup system that works!

My Wishlist!

  • Adobe Master Collection or just Photoshop CS4 for Linux!
  • Guitar Pro for Linux
  • Native Instruments Software for Linux

You should avoid this software!

oh one more here are some software titles you should avoid, cause they suck IMHO…cheers ..

  • Everything coded with tomcat ;) …
  • Basically all major ERP and CRM systems ..someone please show me a good one (Sugarcrm is acceptable but far from good)
  • SAP .. cause its evil …
  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Groove..pure bloatware