Wojciech J. Kalka

Hacking Guide Samsung Galaxy Note 2

After four years of iPhones, jailbreaking etc I decided to move over to Android .. so if you own a Note2 this may help you a little, btw guides like this do get outdated pretty fast ..


  • I bought a Samsung replacement battery and stand, a leather case, micro usb to usb cable, and a 64gb micro sd card.. check amazon for it

General Setup

  • Root the Note2 and install ClockworkMod Recovery an easy way to do it use the Galaxy 2 Toolkit from here here ..

* Upgrade the Keyboard and the Camera to Android 4.2 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1966302

  • Buy Titanium Backup.


  • Buy Call Recorder


  • Buy Equalizer


  • Install Blackmart Alpha
  • Install Droidwall
  • Install Total Commander
  • Install SGS3 Easy UMS for Mass Storage Mount on Windows/Linux/mac ..
  • Install Directory Bind for moving application to the SD Card ..http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1410262
  • Buy Poweramp or Proplayer, really good MP3 player..
  • Install MoboPlayer
  • Install MortPlayer Audio Books
  • Install Moon+ Reader
  • Remove Samsung S-Voice with Titanium Backup
  • Install Home2 Shurtcut and VS Shortcut and make Google Voice Search double click on the middle button.
  • Install Button Savior to use buttons with the Smart Pen
  • Install K9Mail/APG to use email encryption.
  • Install Trillian.
  • Install Skype
  • Install Dropbox (if you connect with your Samsung Account first you get 50Gb for 2 years)
  • Buy Asphalt 7 for 79Cent to see how racing games look like on that device
  • Camera Zoom FX is an optional buy, it is good but not as good as people say..
  • Install Dropbear SSh Server and ConnectBot SSh Client
  • Install Teamviewer and Teamviewer Quick Assist
  • Install Remote Deskop or any other RDP App that works for you ..
  • Install Google apps like Translate or MyTrip and Googles
  • Install GReader and Podkicker for RSS Feeds and Podcasts
  • Install Chrome, Opera and Firefox
  • Install Documents to Go a
  • Install Amazon, Ebay etc …
  • Install GTasks
  • Install Fing
  • Install Rotation Locker
  • Install Battery Booster
  • Install Locus or buy Locus Pro
  • Install Evernote and Evernote food but please remind yourself as in Dropbox it is like give all your information to strangers …

Good Optional Software

  • Gtasks, WindGuru, WifiAnalyzer, Unified Remote, Skyscanner, Prey, GReader Pro, Hi-Q MP3 Recorder, MDScan

Good Music Software

  • iReal b, Guitar Pro, gSrings, Electrum Dum

Recommended Games

Btw you can use a Sony PS3 Dualshock controller with the Note2 ..google it ..

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted, Asphalt 7, Rayman Jungle Run, ChessGenius, Bards Tale

Other Tips

  • Install Ajaxplorer on your linux Server and buy the app to have mp3 streaming for your file library :).